[IFS] Informatics and Security Overview

The Bachelor of Technology (Informatics and Security) will provide graduates with the critical knowledge and practical skills required for successful careers in information security, and network technology. The program will integrate knowledge of informatics, security, and laws with practical applications and will directly address critical business and communication requirements deemed essential by employers.

Holders of the degree will have obtained critical knowledge in following the principles of Informatics and Security:

  • security needs within and between organizations
  • analysis, design, and implementation of distributed computer systems using current methodologies
  • a broad understanding of data communication principles, knowledge of operating systems and how each of the components that make up the infastructure can be compromised
  • an understanding and ability to design, develop, and implement secure information acquisition, transmission, and storage and retrieval practices with current industry standards, taking into account privacy, security and ethical issues
  • technology change and innovation
  • analysis of project and system requirements
  • deployment of security on a variety of platforms
  • project planning, implementation and management
  • research methodology
  • technology planning and acquisition 

The curriculum reflects a progressively complex level of skill, knowledge, and interpretation associated with Informatics and Security. Initial courses focus on understanding and application of networks from the individual computer up to and including the world of connected computers. A more abstract application of these same principles is delivered in mid-curricula courses where emphasis shifts to developing analytical skills. In the final two years, courses will require students to synthesize information to solve real business problems and demonstrate their knowledge in a cooperative work term.

Application Requirements

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The program coordinator is Chris Robertson