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Borland 5.5

This page explains how to install the free Borland 5.5 Command-Line
C/C++ Compiler on your home PC.

Step 1:  Download the FreeCommandLineTools.exe installation program
    from the Borland Imprise web-site.

     (Be patient this may be a long download
     for those with slower connections)
     (File size = approx. 9.0 Mb)

Step 2:  Install the program (choose default directory) C:\Borland\BCC55
    Follow the online instructions when prompted.

Step 3:  Now you must download and save the following 2 files to the
    default install directory [ C:\Borland\BCC55\bin ] on your computer:
    (right click, and choose "Save Link As...")
    (navigate to the C:\Borland\BCC55\bin directory and choose Save)


Step 4:  Modification of the PATH (autoexec.bat or PATH environment variable).

    Windows 95/98 users:

    Using any plain text editor (like notepad) (or the DOS edit command), add
    the following entry to the END of your "autoexec.bat" file:   
    Save the file as "autoexec.bat"
    (Be careful that notepad does not rename the file to:
    Proceed to Step 5a:

    Windows 2000/XP users:
    1. Right click on My Computer and choose properties.
    2. Click on the "Advanced" tab
    3. Click on the "Environment Variables" button
    4. Under "System variables" click on the entry that begins with "Path"
       (you may need to scroll down to see the Path entry).
    5. Click on the "Edit" button
    6. Click in the "Variable Value" text field, then scroll to the
    end or press the END key.
    Enter the following text at the END of the line:

       ;C:\Borland\BCC55\bin  (NOTE the leading semi-colon ';')

   click "OK", "OK", and "OK" again.
   Proceed to Step 5b:

Step 5a: Win 95/98 users:

    Open an MS-DOS Prompt and type: c:\autoexec.bat
    Now type: bcc32

Step 5b: Win 2000/XP users:

    Open a Command Prompt session:
    Now type: bcc32

You should see the following:

Borland C++ 5.5.1 for Win32 Copyright (c) 1993, 2000 Borland
Syntax is: BCC32 [ options ] file[s]     * = default; -x- = turn switch x off
  -3    * 80386 Instructions        -4      80486 Instructions
  -5      Pentium Instructions      -6      Pentium Pro Instructions
  -Ax     Disable extensions        -B      Compile via assembly
  -C      Allow nested comments     -Dxxx   Define macro
  -Exxx   Alternate Assembler name  -Hxxx   Use pre-compiled headers
  -Ixxx   Include files directory   -K      Default char is unsigned
  -Lxxx   Libraries directory       -M      Generate link map
  -N      Check stack overflow      -Ox     Optimizations
  -P      Force C++ compile         -R      Produce browser info
  -RT   * Generate RTTI             -S      Produce assembly output
  -Txxx   Set assembler option      -Uxxx   Undefine macro
  -Vx     Virtual table control     -X      Suppress autodep. output
  -aN     Align on N bytes          -b    * Treat enums as integers
  -c      Compile only              -d      Merge duplicate strings
  -exxx   Executable file name      -fxx    Floating point options
  -gN     Stop after N warnings     -iN     Max. identifier length
  -jN     Stop after N errors       -k    * Standard stack frame
  -lx     Set linker option         -nxxx   Output file directory
  -oxxx   Object file name          -p      Pascal calls
  -tWxxx  Create Windows app        -u    * Underscores on externs
  -v      Source level debugging    -wxxx   Warning control
  -xxxx   Exception handling        -y      Produce line number info
  -zxxx   Set segment names


That's it!
Congratulations, you have installed the Free Borland 5.5 C/C++ Compiler!!!

If you prefer to use the familliar cc  (to compile C programs) or
	       c++ (to compile C++ programs),

download and save the following 2 .bat (batch) files to your default
install directory:


(right click, and choose "Save Link As...")
(navigate to the C:\Borland\BCC55\bin directory and choose Save)


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