Assignment 3: Still More Unix/Linux concepts


To gain experience with more of the fundamentals of Unix/Linux commands and the file system.

Due date: April 11 2019 by midnight

Value: 6% of final course mark


Perform the following steps on Matrix:

  • Enter the following on Matrix: ~uli101/a3

  • You will see the following important notes on the first screen:

ULI101 Assignment 3: Notes


Some important notes on this Assignment:

(1) You do NOT have to do this whole Assignment in one sitting! Any completed sections will be tracked.

(2) You may abort the Assignment at any time by pressing Ctrl-c but you will lose any work done on an incomplete section.

(3) Instructions for each page will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

(4) The answers expected in this Assignment are derived from the Assignment itself and the course notes. The course notes should be used as a reference, if required. Using Google or another search engine may provide answers that are not accepted by the Assignment.

(5) This Assignment is maintained by Les Czegel. Please try to resolve any problems with your instructor who will determine if Les should be contacted.


Press <ENTER> to continue (or: m-main menu).

  • Hit ENTER and you’ll see the following, assuming you had previously selected section "C":

ULI101 Assignment 3: Selection Menu


Available selections:

  1. Regular Expressions Using grep

  2. Interactive Shell Environment

  3. Introduction To Scripting (phone)

  4. More Scripting (add)

  5. Yet More Scripting (oldfiles)

  6. sed And awk - 1 mark

    Marks earned so far for ULI101 Assignment 3: 0 out of 6

The highlighted lines above indicate the incomplete parts of the Assignment. There is a total possible mark of 6, with 1 mark added for each completed part. The Assignment is due by April 11 2019.

Completed sections will count for marks only until April 11 2019, which is the last day of classes.

You are currently registered to ULI101 Section A with instructor Praveen Mitera. Select C if you need to change your ULI101 Section.


Press <ENTER> to continue (or: m-main menu).

  • As you can see, the assignment is divided into 6 parts. Incomplete parts will be highlighted, as will incomplete sections within each part.

  • There is a total possible mark of 6, with 1 mark added for each completed part.

  • As noted, there will be no late marks for this assignment. Only sections completed by midnight of April 11 2019 will by awarded marks.

Submission requirements:

  • Assignment 3 is due on April 11 2019.

  • Submitted assignments MUST consist of the student’s OWN work.

  • Your assignment MUST run on Matrix.

  • As there are no late marks for this assignment, only work completed before midnight of the last day of classes is awarded marks.