Planned Weekly Schedule - Section A
Week Module Concept Assignments
1 Introduction Subject Organization Proposal  
Review of Base Code
Suggested Enhancements
Modeling Relative Reference Frames Proposal  
Visibility Determination
2 Collision Detection Proposal  
Comprehensive Camerawork
Billboards and Skyboxes
Index Buffers, Meshes
3 Shaders Shader Languages Proposal  
Vertex Shaders
4 Pixel Shaders   Project
Effects File Framework
5 Lighting Lighting Formulas   Project
Phong Blinn-Phong
6 Hemispheric Lighting   Project
Texturing Mipmaps, Tiling
8  Assessment  Review of First Half   Project
Mid-Term Test
Study Week
7 Texturing Multi-Texturing   Project
Off-Screen Rendering
9 Shadowing Shadow Maps   Project
Shadow Volumes
10 Research ... Game  
11 ... Game  
12 Force Feedback Conditions Game  
13 Conclusion Presentations Game  
Exam Week
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